Friday, May 27, 2011

Seaducer Fly Variation For Striped Bass & Tidal Largemouth Bass.

This fly is a Seaducer variation with lead barbell eyes that is one of my most productive patterns. I use it extensively for Striped Bass, and Largemouth Bass in the tidal rivers I often fish. Chartreuse has always been a good color for me, but it can certainly be tied in many colors or combinations of colors.  Depending on what I intend to fish for, and sometimes where, I'll tie it on either straight shank worm hooks or saltwater style hooks. The hook is really not a major issue, as long as it's sufficiently strong & sharp.  There are many that will work just fine. Although I tend to use the saltwater hooks more for places that may have a high salt content, just to minimize rusting. This particular fly was tied on a Matzuo Sickle hook.

The pattern recipe is as follows:
Hook: Any you wish to try as indicated above. Some I use are, Eagle Claw 254's, VMC 9255's, Mustad 3407 & 34007,  Mustad Ultra Point, Owner or Gamakatsu straight shank worm hooks. Matzuo Sickle Bait Holder hooks.
Size: #4 to 5/0, (usually 1/0 or 2/0)
Thread: Danville Depth ray Nylon, Chartreuse
Weight: Barbell lead eyes, or other barbell eyes (brass, or tungsten)
Tail: 6 long, wide rooster saddle hackles, and a few strands of holographic Flashabou on each side.
Body: Palmered saddle hackle

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